Experience the Yukon's First and Only Klondike Escape Room

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What is it?

Escape Rooms are a new type of adventure game that have been gaining in popularity over the past half-decade. Sometimes they are referred to Exit Games or Puzzle Rooms. They are team oriented games designed to challenge and excite players into solving a common problem; usually this means escaping from a locked room in a certain amount of time!

How it works

Typically, an escape room is designed to lock you in a room and give you an allotted amount of time to get out by solving a series of puzzles and unlocking a series of locks. A time limit of 45 to 60 minutes is imposed to beat the room. Teams that succeed in escaping the room before the timed deadline win. Sometimes the objective is to find an object or person rather than escaping.

Fun For All

Generally, escape rooms have a theme and the puzzles and problem solving tend to revolve around the theme of the room. Sometimes the theme is horror based. Don't worry, at Yukon Escape Games we have no desire to scare our customers! Escape Rooms are a one-time experience, so don't tell any of your friends any of the room's secrets!

The Room

  • Theme: The Klondike Gold Rush
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Scary Factor: 0/5
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Players: 2 to 5

This is our first and only room. This room takes place in 1980, Yukon. Your brother has just inherited your grandfather’s old log cabin. No one has been in the cabin since the 60s. It was always rumoured that your grandfather, Crazy Bill, found some gold in Dawson City and kept it to himself and hid it in his cabin. No one has ever seen it. You and your friends decide to travel with your brother as he travels to the Yukon to claim his cabin.

Seeing as you did not inherit anything from your grandfather, you are a bit jealous. In fact, you decide to take the key from your brother while he sleeps and attempt to find the gold on your own before your bother wakes up. You have 60 minutes to find the gold. Are you smart enough? Are you fast enough to find the hidden gold before you get caught? Come find out. We dare you.


  • Cost: $30 per person
  • Discounts: Customers of the campground and hostel will receive a 5$ discount. Customers with a receipt from Takhini Hot Pools (from the same day) will receive a $2.50 discount.
  • Players: 2 to 5 people
  • Team: Pick a Team Name
  • Hours of Operation: Daily from 12pm to 10pm, from start of May until end of September.

Games can only be booked by appointment.

No cameras, phones, or any type of recording device is allowed in the escape room. All games are under video surveillance.

Yukon Escape Games is owned and operated by Andrew Umbrich and Lauren O'Coffey. Together they own and operate Takhini Hot Pools and Hot Springs Campground and Hostel. Andrew is a born and raised Yukoner from Whitehorse and Lauren is from Edson, Alberta.
Together they have created the only escape room north of Prince George, in North America. They are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience in a brand new type of business for the North. All puzzles and challenges were created uniquely by the pair and they hope you have a great time playing the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will we be locked in the room?
A: Yes. Once you are placed in the room, you will lock yourself in (you can easily leave if needed). You will be watched from wireless cameras at all times to prevent any emergencies from happening. Furthermore, one member of your team will be equipped with a walkie-talkie so that you may communicate with us at any time. You are permitted to leave the room at any time, but doing so will remove you from the game.

Q: Will the room be scary or in any way frightening?
A: No, our room has no elements of horror and is even child friendly.

Q: Is there more than one room?
A: No. Currently we only have one room. Should Yukoners and tourists give us enough business we hope to open a second one in the summer of 2017.

Q: Am I allowed to tell people about the room's contents?
A: No. It is not permitted to discuss the room's contents, puzzles, or challenges. Escape Rooms are like movies, if you spoil it then it's ruined. If you would like your friends to try the game and have fun, then do not spoil their experience by giving away secrets and hints! Should the secrets be revealed, our business would not last very long. Please be considerate.

Q: Is the escape room kid friendly?
A: Yes! Anyone 13 years or older may play but they must be accompanied by a guardian or parent if they are 16 years old or younger.

Q: Can I play alone?
A: No. The game is made to be played with 2 to 5 people. Escape rooms are team games and usually require at least 2 people for many puzzles.

Q: Is it better to play in larger teams?
A: Not necessarily. If you want a challenge, then play as a 2 person team. If you want a normal difficulty, then play between 3 and 4 people. Teams of 5 will have an easier time beating the game.

Q: Will a team of 5 be too easy?
A: Some teams will beat the game quicker with a team of 5 and many teams will not beat it, even with 5 players. Sometimes it can be harder to play in larger teams, especially if people are talking over each other or do not work well as a team.

Q: Is the escape room open in winter?
A: No. Our escape room only operates from May until end of September. We do not have enough locals or tourists in the winter to merit a winter operation.


Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada